Dominion Hills Civic Association

Brian Hannigan Memorial Bench

A Special Piece of History

Brian was dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of Dominion Hills. When the Febrey-Lothrop house was dismantled, DHCA worked with Toll Brothers to obtain the capstones of the stone gate at the old property's entrance. These captones were then cleaned and preserved and installed as the base upon which the bench could be mounted. Thus we have been able to preserve a little bit of Dominion Hills history as the foundation for the bench honoring Brian's memory.

This is the gate as it once stood. 

The capstones, when removed, fit into the perfect sized rectangle to support the bench installation. The stones appear to be Pennsylvania bluestone, a dense, strong, and stable sandstone found in northeastern Pennsylvania. The primary improvements on the property took place in the 1850s and 1860s when John E. Febrey owned the property, and again after 1898 when it was purchased by Alvin Lothrop, hinting at the age and quality of these stones.

Tremendous gratitude for James Scampavia for identifying the opportunity to reuse the stones, preserving them, and coordinating the design and installation of them to serve as a base for the memorial bench. 

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