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  • February 24, 2024 5:45 PM | Terri Schwartzbeck (Administrator)

    Arlington County kicked off a process to envision what the county should look like in the year 2050 with an event on Feb. 5 featuring speakers on climate change, economic development, education, and commerce. You can see the recording of the event online and access more information on the county website. Arlington residents are invited to send a “postcard from the future” describing what the ideal Arlington looks like. Postcards are available in all county libraries and online.

    You can also subscribe to recent updates by email about further Arlington 2050 activities. 

  • December 04, 2023 4:50 PM | Terri Schwartzbeck (Administrator)

    The civic association will be making much-needed repairs to the playground surface the week of December 11, removing and replacing the engineered wood "mulch" surfacing as is needed periodically to keep the park enjoyable and safe.

    The playground will be closed during this time. We expect it to be open again by December 15. We may also need some "help" of many stomping feet to help "compact" the mulch and get it settled into place! Small children make great volunteers for this! Stay tuned for updates.

  • December 01, 2023 11:48 AM | Terri Schwartzbeck (Administrator)

    ArlingtonNow published a story with updates on the construction and sale of 40 single family homes on the property formerly known as the Febrey-Lothrop property or the Rouse property. Now marketed as The Grove at Dominion Hills, the site has been the cause of much attention during its development. 

    Read the story here.

  • October 11, 2023 12:00 PM | Terri Schwartzbeck (Administrator)

    Dominion Hills Civic Association is pleased to be one of the 12 recipients of a grant from the Arlington County Historic Preservation Fund. According to a press release from Arlington County, the fund was "created to provide a unique opportunity to invest in the future of preservation in Arlington County by administering funds in support of community and individual projects related to the County’s history, built environment, and cultural heritage."

    The Dominion Hills Historic Interpretation Project will work to create three historic markers near the former location of the Febrey-Lothrop Estate. This land represents a rich swath of Arlington’s history, and the signage will include information about the Powhatan people, the Civil War, and the 20th century. These new markers will allow residents and visitors to share in this forgotten history.

    Work will include community outreach, historic research and interpretation, and collaboration with Toll Brothers to determine the placement of the signage. Work will proceed through the winter with the hope of installing signs by spring 2024.

    Story in ArlingtonNow

  • November 04, 2022 9:20 AM | Terri Schwartzbeck (Administrator)
    Hello neighbors! Thanks to those of you who joined our meeting last night. This message contains a recap of a few important points from the meeting.

    Presentation from Arlington County Police Department

    Cpl/MPO Harley Guenther joined our meeting to provide an update on crime statistics and answer questions. Of significance: (all numbers are year to date, compared to the same dates in 2021)

    • Burglaries are down from 8 to just 1 so far this year
    • DUIs and harassment are also down
    • Auto larceny is up --> LOCK YOUR DOORS
    • Cases of fraud were up from just 1 case in 2021 to 10 cases so far in 2022. 

    On the topic of fraud, Cpl Guenther shared some common examples, such as receiving a call from someone purporting to be a Sheriff and then saying that the victim can pay the fine in Apple Gift Cards. This will never, ever, be a legitimate option presented to you in Arlington County. Fraud also includes crimes perpetrated over the internet such as phishing and other internet-based scams.

    There is more information online at

    If you suspect you have been the victim of a fraud or fraud attempt, do not hesitate to call the police (number on website) or file a report online right away. Even if you were not in the county when you got the email, or if you're not sure who has jurisdiction - just file the report. Cpl Guenther emphasized that officers will do everything they can to figure out the right jurisdiction and they would rather know than not know. 

    There have also been, anecdotally reported, a few cases of suspicious salespeople going door to door. Some are legitimate businesses that have permits, some are not. Even legitimate businesses require a permit to go door to door, so if you see something suspicious, calling the policy non-emergency line can help resolve. More information about permits is available at

    • Of Note: ACPD Fill-A-Cruiser Toy Drive is coming up this month.

    The closest location to Dominion Hills is November 23 at Westover Baptist Church. 

    • The Arlington County Policy offer a summer safety patrol camp for 4th and 5th graders, but keep an eye on the website because spaces go fast!


    Congrats for reading this far. Also discussed in the meeting were the possibility of an in-person meeting combined with a seasonal gathering in early December. Please contact if you would like to help plan or support such an event. 

    Finally, a reminder to check your membership status on the Dominion Hills website and make sure your voluntary dues are up to date. Dues support the maintenance and insurance costs for Dominion Hills Park, events like last week's Halloween Parade, and much more. Just visit and click to 'log in' at the top of the page. 


    • TODAY, Friday, November 4: TRAFFIC AND PARKING ALERT | ATS has class performances this afternoon at 2pm. 
    • Friday, November 11: Dominion Hills and the Civil War, presented by local historian Peter Vaselopulos, Dominion Hills Park, 10am-2pm.
    • Saturday, November 12: Dominion Hills Fall Craft Show, 10am-5pm, Dominion Hills Area Recreation Association Pool House
    • Wednesday, November 16: TRAFFIC AND PARKING ALERT | ATS is having their book fair and ice cream social, 6-8pm

    Finally, a few photos of the continuing development at the former Rouse property.

  • October 11, 2022 4:39 PM | Terri Schwartzbeck (Administrator)

    Work continues on the Febrey-Lothrop-Rouse site at 6407 Wilson Blvd, primarily in the form of site grading and dirt removal. According to developer Toll Brothers, they hope to have permits completed for the first of the nine houses to be built on Madison Street sometime in October with construction on those homes starting as early as October as well. 

    Additionally, a subdivision plat of the additional 31 homes slated for the site has been filed with Arlington County. It shows the location of additional streets to be constructed and the arrangement of the homes around a central cul-de-sac. 

    Site work could begin on these lots as early as November-January. Additional information about construction will be shared as it becomes available. Neighbors with questions are always encouraged to reach out to so we can share with the appropriate resources.

  • June 08, 2022 1:14 PM | Terri Schwartzbeck (Administrator)

    BREAKING NEWS: The permit to begin grading of the property on the Madison Street lots has been approved and work will likely begin the week of June 13 or June 20. See more below. 

    The sale of the property at 6407 Wilson Boulevard, often known as the Febrey-Lothrop property or the Rouse property, and subsequent demolition of the buildings on that property has long been a topic of discussion throughout Dominion Hills. At the Neighborhood Meeting on May 4, 2022, representatives from the development firm Toll Brothers presented information about their plans for development of that 9.5 acre piece of land.

    They began, after introducing their team members, by sharing with attendees that they are pursuing "by right" development, which means they will not be attempting to modify the existing zoning. The parcel of land has long been zoned "R-6" which is the same zoning setup as the rest of the homes in Dominion Hills and a designation for a single-family dwelling. They indicated that their current site plan will allow them to build 40 single family homes.  

    The first lots to be developed are those facing Madison Street. These lots, which had already been subdivided many years ago, will be built into the relatively steep hillside and thus will each have its own stormwater retention system as per county policies. Each will also have additional stormwater control measures such as permeable driveway pavers. 

    In the photo below, taken along Madison Street, the blue pipes that allow for measurement of the permeability of the soil can be seen.

    Additionally, the remaining houses on the parcel will have a large stormwater management system, all of which requires approval by the county. 

    Many of those in attendance were interested in seeing the style of houses that would be built on the property. While the below image is just a current draft and not final, the style seems predominantly modern farmhouse, and the homes built into the hillside will make use of a "tuck-under" garage. 

    Toll Brothers indicated most homes would be about 45 feet wide on lots around 60 feet wide; however, lots will vary in size, most around 8000 square ft. Homes would be customized to the buyer with a variety of colors available for exteriors as well as options for interiors. 

    The audience was also eager to know the timeline for construction. At the time of the meeting, the Toll Brothers representatives indicated that grading work on the Madison Street home sites could begin as soon as six weeks from early May, which would be in about mid-June, 2022. However, all is dependent on the Arlington County approval processes. If the timeline continued as plans, construction on homes is projected for late July and as the representative put it, "you could have new neighbors by February." 

    The home prices are anticipated to start around $2 million. 

    Some other questions and points raised in the meeting and ensuing discussion:

    • New sewer work will be done along Wilson Blvd as part of the process
    • The grading work will involve the removal of many if not most trees; more trees will be planted
    • The culdesac design for the streets of the main parcel has been approved by the fire department, and is designed to avoid having entrances on busy Wilson Blvd. 
    • Street names have yet to be determined
    • New homes will have underground utilities - no electric or phone wires
    • Construction plans include provisions for regular street cleaning and water will be used to control dust as necessary

    The Dominion Hills Civic Association will continue to monitor the progress on the site and provide updates as more information becomes available. If any resident has any question or concerns, please email

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